Well, they did not have me long before they found out I was a pretty smart cat! (I hear Tuxedos are..)

So..I was only a few months old when I decided to build a Fathers' Day present for my primate friend, Jon.

I must have really impressed him, because THESE came in the mail! He made me sign them.

I bet he wishes he didn't. I argue with him all the time now!

The moron...heehee.

Jon says I am always taking things that do not belong to me.

What a grouch. He just can't take a joke.

I did have a kind of shock. He arranged me to meet my father, King Tut, who lives near my stepmother's house, and it was a little upsetting. He weighs sixteen pounds..But Jon felt I could handle it.

I'll tell you ONE thing I'll never do again!

Steal Jon's curry.

And now..My Baby Pictures!